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Subscription Plan Currently the product and service is available as computational data processing through a subscription. There is one plan available for $199 per month for one user. Click Sign up to create your account.

Importance All your relevant key performance indicators in the same platform. For entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, consultants, executives... Identify what is happening within your company or organization with Andara AI. Gain control of all your finances, customers, processes, human resources, learning & growth.

Global BSC View This is the application home page when you first log in, displaying a global interface of all your balanced scorecards.

Balanced Scorecard View After selecting to view a balanced scorecard you arrive here to see the data being modeled with the selected methodology.

Measure / KPI View Drilling down into a measure you see the KPI data being displayed on a graph.

Direct Implementation Instant implementations of Balanced Scorecards using Artificial Intelligence. Minimal knowledge of Balanced Scorecards is required because the product offers a library containing all the necessary elements to easily create. Whether its using the automated configuration or templates, Balanced Scorecards have never been easier to understand and extract value from.

API-based Integration oneAPI is a powerful library that spans several workload domains that benefit from acceleration across multiple computational architectures. Using enhanced SSL encryption security protocols along with oneAPI, import and export of data is simple and secure. Once the data has been identified in your systems, easily extract, transfer, then load it into the modeling engine.

Analysis and Debug Tools Building on leading analysis tools, issue reports of summary views to easily present your strategy performance. The collaboration feature offers secure communication within the product with all your key stakeholders. No need for endless emails and versioning attachments because the single state solution offers at a glance views of real-time data and results as your team discusses issues and updates whats happening.

Customer Account and Management The product offers a self service customer account management portal for adding, changing, and editing all of your details. Update your name, company, payment card, view invoices and transactions all within an easy to access and navigate customer portal provided by an industry leading CRM vendor with state of the art compliance protocols.