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Enterprise Strategy Management Artificial Intelligence


Analysis tool Balanced Scorecard methodology is used for analyzing and reporting metrics and KPIs. The tool uses a visualization engine to make sense of data. It charts, graphs, and most importantly scores strategy performance results.

Solution Andara AI solves a lot of issues with modern business systems. Implementing a sophiscated reporting and analysis method while using AI to determine standard deviation based logic for issuing corrections to improve metrics and KPIs to achieve your strategy goals. Save time with AI and let the sophiscated engine tell you what to do bypassing user input in order to make sense of the data for issuing corrective actions.

Application The application will use an Artificial Intelligence Automated Interface to design, model, and deploy Balanced Scorecards. As data-centric workflows become more diverse, so do architectures that process data. The computational architecture is the foundation of the Balanced Scorecard modeling method while having an Artificial Intelligence layer to automate and alert any issues with metrics and KPIs in accordance with specific tolerance and deviance rules defined by the user. The system will use state of the art oneAPI for ease-of-use and performance, while eliminating the requirement for multiple programming languages, and different tools and workflows. oneAPI supports direct programming and API programming, and will deliver unified architectural alignment for processing data.

Perspectives, Objectives, Measures or Objectives and Key Results In order to provide the most efficient, easy to use enterprise strategy management software with AI, the solution includes a library with industry standard measures and results. The library contains perspectives, objectives, measures or objectives and key results with existing properties that are predefined from years of researching strategy performance methods. The documentation inside the library also includes reasoning logic to create models which make the most sense and provide the most value to your company or organization.