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Balanced Scorecard

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Determining Measures

Relevant Addresses an operational or strategic performance issue. Are results or outcome focused and provides useful information to enable decision making.

Measurable Quantifiable and Objective. Facilitates Analysis. Can be done in a timely manner with high accuracy. Data are available and collectable.

Actionable Can be tracked to an appropriate person or team responsible for the activity measured. Measure relates to process inputs that can be controlled/adjusted to address concerns.

Choose Metrics

Metrics are measurements of a particular characteristic of performance or efficiency of a system or systems. Since systems in AI & Machine Learning work best on optimizing a single number, defining metrics which satisfy the requirement with a single number is best even if there might be a lot of metrics that should be calculated. For a problem where there are a lot of metrics to use, simplifying is done by combining metrics with a specific formula.

Simple average / weighted average
Threshold n-1 metrics, evaluate the nth metric
Domain specific formula (for example mAP)

Here is an example for how to combine two metrics (Precision and Recall):

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